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Finding Saddler Tools Online

Finding Saddler Tools Online

Since starting my journey in leatherwork, I have resulted to hunting down traditional saddler tools online, to add to my collection.

In general, I’ve not been one to ‘shop till I drop’, mainly because I’ve not had the money to do so.

In fact, nowadays my husband colours my hair at home, I shop in vintage or charity shops and even Ebay when the mood takes me.

However, more recently I have become slightly obsessed in buying saddler tools off eBay.

The problem Saddlers have today is that many of the best tool makers for saddler tools have either closed down or diversified over the years leaving a gap in the market for exceptional tools.

Don’t get me wrong we do have some companies trying to replicate these tools but most of them are just not as good as the old traditional ones and this, I suspect, is down to the metal’s they use.

Yes, I know they do the same job but you certainly know a good tool from an average one when you are trying to hand cut a 4.5mm thick bridle butt of leather

Just by chance, I came across a bulk load of old saddler tools that someone was selling on eBay due to them retiring.

Luckily for me, I’d recently received a tax return credit which meant I had some spare cash to invest in my training or tool collection.

I chose, to invest in tools; here is my new haul….


With these beauties I make all my bespoke bridles and my equestrian themed gifts.

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