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Equestrian Tack Sales

Equestrian Tack Sales

A few years ago, I arranged my first tack sale at a local school’s hall. It was a success!

So much so that people started asking for another one and then another one. Therefore the Equestrian Table Top Tack Sales were born.

Since then the venue has changes a couple of times, I set the dates in advance and I only run them on certain months; it’s sure been a learning curve.

I’ve now created a page [CLICK HERE] on the website so that the dates are always visible for the local horsey community to see.

Recycle and Reuse

One of the main reasons I started the tack sales was because I had horse and rider equipment I no longer used or we had grown out of it.

I figured if we had equestrian stuff going spare then we wouldn’t be the only ones, especially being as we live in an area known to be ‘horsey’.

Now, local people can sell their unwanted equestrian and rider equipment at a reduced cost, which in turn helps to recycle and reuse them instead of throwing them away.

This helps to keep items out of landfill, it gives the seller a bit of extra cash in their back pocket and the buyer quite often gets a real bargain.

Years ago we scoured local newspaper’s classified section for secondhand items but nowadays there are internet based platforms such as eBay, Gumtree, Spocke and even Facebook Marketplace.

However, there is something a bit special with a physical tack sale. Probably because as humans we like to feel an item, know it’s story and in my case, with the leather work, they want to smell it too.

There’s nothing quite like the smell of real leather. 🙂


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe the reason why tack sales are becoming more popular is because this type of ‘networking’ s such a natural trait for us humans that we thrive on the interactions and therefore become great places to meet new people and even catch up with old friends or acquaintances.

Not Just Second-hand Items

Since starting these tack sales, I have come across people who also sell ‘new’ equestrian themed goods.

They don’t attend on a regular basis but sometimes if I get a request from them and the time feels right then I’m happy for them to attend.

We’ve also had people sell brand new items, at reduced prices as they either had an equestrian business and closed it or they want to reduce their stock.

Quite often you can see equine-themed craft stands, handmade horse treats and/or like me, small businesses.

Check out my equestrian themed gift collection here.

Stourton Village Hall

Since 2022, we have based the Equestrian Tack sales at Stourton Village Hall, Nr Stourbridge.

It’s a much bigger venue, both inside and out, than previous venues we’ve had, and it has a kitchenette and toilets.

We have people attend from all four of the local counties: South Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and The Black Country, so it’s pretty well attended.


Hot and cold refreshments are always available on tack sale nights too.

Nothing beats a hot drink and a piece of cake, when you’ve come straight from doing the horse’s, or even just before you leave, having spent all your pennies.

Email List

New for 2024, we have created an email list as not everyone likes to connect via Facebook, so rather than be on every social platform, we have decided to grow our own dedicated community of supporters, via a mailing list.

These people will be contacted on a monthly basis to be reminded that a tack sale is coming up soon and that if anyone wanted a table they can book via the email.

So, if you would like to join this mailing list, click on the image below where you will be redirected to a sign up page.

Facebook Group

I also set up a Facebook group called the Equestrian Tack Sales – Stourton, Nr Stourbridge to give people, who are interested in the sales, a platform to join, where I can remind them of the up and coming sale and any other information that might come to hand.

It’s also a great place to get a poster with all the dates on that you can save to your phone or share to your friends.

Have you joined it yet? If not click HERE to join.

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