Hello, thanks for dropping by. I’m Clair, the one in the picture, deep in concentration whilst stitching in the panel of my level 2 assessment piece, my pony saddle, back in 2019.

Usually, I describe myself as a wife, mother and a solopreneur but in an attempt to sound a little more interesting, I am also an amateur blogger who loves to read, ride horses and where possible, spend as much quality time with my family as I can.

You can read more about me and the family over at my personal blog: Heels To Horses, but if you just want to keep up to date with The Lady Saddler then take a look at our recent news posts

Before Becoming A Saddler

Long before becoming a Saddler, I was a frequent traveller abroad. I lived and worked in Turkey for a couple of summer seasons before settling back in the UK and embarking upon a career in the corporate industry.

As a child, I turned my hand to most arts and crafts with knitting and cross-stitch being a favourite.

Later in life, I went on to complete a fashion, textiles and pattern cutting diploma as well as other notable qualifications.

I used to be a beauty therapist”

During 2005 – 2009 and whilst in full-time employment, I got married and had the children during 2005-2009. During this time I utilised both periods of maternity leave to study beauty therapy. Later I went on to open a unisex beauty studio.

Health Before Wealth

In 2015, working in the corporate industry started to have an effect upon my health and well-being and so I put the wheels in motion to make a change. This is when I stumbled across leatherwork.

Fast forward four years and I have completed all the necessary City and Guilds qualifications to become a qualified saddler. I now work from my little studio at home in Staffordshire, primarily designing and creating bespoke saddlery and leather accessories.

Only The Best Will Do

“I love making something that has the potential to last a lifetime”

When making leatherwork I love the prospect of making something that has the potential to last a lifetime.

My purpose in creating bespoke work is to provide an element of ‘WOW’ in every piece, which is also why I am committed to sourcing the very best leather and metalwork from British suppliers; their quality and durability is known throughout the world.

By sourcing from British suppliers, we are all able to monitor the processes of leather to ensure that they are both ethical and sustainable.

Finally, every piece of saddlery work I cut and stitch is done by hand using traditional saddler tools and techniques handed down the generations. Some, but not all, of my leather accessories are partly machine stitched. This is mainly due to wholesale demand, and only used on items where the stitching is not required for strength; for example – fashion accessories.

Please do take a look around this site and if you have any questions at all or just fancy a chat, then please do contact me directly.