Hello. Thanks for dropping by. I’m Clair, the one in the picture, deep in concentration whilst stitching in the panel of my pony saddle, back in 2019.

I like to describe myself as a wife, mother and a Solopreneur. A self employed qualified Saddler, working from home, specialising in bespoke bridle making and fitting. I also produce limited edition collection’s of small leather gifts that have an equestrian twist to them.

I enjoy writing and have been known to be a bit of an amateur blogger. I also love to read, ride horses and where possible, spend as much time with my family as I can.

Before Becoming A Saddler

Long before becoming a Saddler, I was a frequent traveller abroad. I lived and worked in Turkey for a couple of summer seasons before settling back in the UK and embarking upon a career in the corporate industry.

As a child, I often turned my hand to arts and crafts with knitting and cross-stitch being firm favourites.

Later in life, I went on to complete a fashion, textiles and pattern cutting diploma as well as other notable qualifications, in order to make clothing and soft furnishings.

I used to be a beauty therapist”

During 2005 – 2009, a lot happened. I got married and had two children. Although I was employed full time, I utilised both periods of maternity leave to study beauty therapy. Four weeks after giving birth to my second child, I open my own beauty studio.

Health Before Wealth

In 2015, working in the corporate industry started to have an effect upon my health and well-being and so I put the wheels in motion to make a change. This is when I stumbled across leather work.

Fast forward five years and I have now completed all the City & Guilds qualifications in order to become a qualified saddler. I have won an award at the National Saddlery Competition for my Level 3 Saddle, I made and I have recently been awarded a scholarship with the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST).

Nowadays, I work from home in my (very) little studio, primarily making and fitting bespoke bridles, along with other bespoke saddlery items and a limited collection of small leather gifts.

Only The Best Will Do

“I am very committed to sourcing and using British Materials”

I am very passionate and committed to sourcing and using the very best leather and metalwork from British suppliers. Our quality and durability is known throughout the world.

By sourcing from British suppliers, we are all able to monitor the processes of leather to ensure that they are both ethical and sustainable.

Finally, every piece of leather work is cut and stitched by hand using traditional saddler tools and techniques handed down the generations.

Feel free to browse around this site and if you have any questions at all or just fancy a chat, then please do contact me directly.

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