As a small business, having a positive ethos is very important.

I am very passionate about doing my bit for the environment, supporting British communities and businesses, and be an inspiration for future generations, so much so, that I believe I could have a positive impact in this little world of ours.


Here are my company values and how some of the ways I intend to make a difference:

  • By becoming more aware of what our impact on the environment is, I have now sourced materials to be both reusable and recyclable (working towards making it all 100% sustainable).
  • Give profits to charity, wherever possible.
  • Promote a slow fashion lifestyle and encourage people to reuse and/or recycle.
  • Be an advocate for bringing mindfulness and mental health awareness to society through the enjoyment of craft work.
  • Support British companies when requiring products or services of my own.
  • Intend to support local communities by providing jobs when the need arises.
  • Plan to make a difference in this world by becoming a positive influence and an inspiration to others.


I source all the leather used to make Lady Saddler items from British suppliers. All saddlery items are made only from the finest of British bridle leather, as this guarantees the quality, strength and durability.

Bridle leather is the hide (skin) of cows and soft leathers are usually sheep or goat hides. All leather is sustainable and obtained from a natural source, i.e the meat trade.

I work hard to create and maintain a strong relationship with all my suppliers to ensure our ethos is aligned. Sometimes questions are raised and we work with suppliers to answer these.

I am always open to suggestions on how we can further reduce our impact on the environment so please do get in touch if you think you can help us in this department of manufacture.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk to me, or offer advice, about any of the above.