Bespoke Bridles


Lady Saddler bespoke bridles are completely made-to-measure, hand cut, and hand stitched. They are designed to specifically fit your horse correctly, in order to promote comfort when ridden which in turn encourages greater performance.

Available in a choice of leather colours, shaped headpieces, with or without padding, noseband and browband styles to suit your requirements or desires.

British Materials

All bespoke bridles are cut from the finest of British Bridle leather, from suppliers located in the West Midlands, including, but not limited to: Sedgwicks & Co, B J Leather and the English Leather Company. All metal work is currently sourced from Abbey England.

By sourcing materials from British companies we ensure the quality is of the highest standard and traceability is guaranteed.

Jemima - Bespoke Bridles


Many bridle designs are created to suit the individual equine, from Traditional Hunter, Anatomical, In-hand, Bitless, Iberian and Western style.

You can choose to have padding or not and if you did you can choose a contrasting colour (and thread, if you wish) just to make your bridle even more unique.


All bespoke bridles are made to order and usually take between 2-6 weeks turnaround. This can differ at different times of the year and will be discussed at the time of order.

  • Traditional plain hunter style snaffle bridles start from £250 (without reins)
  • Anatomical padded style bridles start from £350 (without reins)
  • Reins are between £75 – £145
  • All other saddlery accessory prices are available upon request
Elfie - Bespoke Bridles

Bridle Fitting Consultation

Unlike saddle fitting, a bridle fitting appointment is only ever needed once in a horse’s life, unless they have an accident or an issue becomes apparent.

It is soon becoming a welfare issue if you do not ensure your horse or pony is comfortable in their saddlery, so if you would like to discuss the fit of your horse’s current bridle or arrange a bridle fitting consultation then CONTACT ME to discuss further.

Bespoke Bridles Made By The Lady Saddler: