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Sorting Out The Studio

Sorting Out The Studio
Sorting out the Studio

Following on from my last post Change is Afoot, I have spent the last week or so sorting out the office and the studio.

Along with some personal changes, I have been putting the wheels in motion to change some aspects of the business.

My business promotes handmade saddlery and leather work, made from the finest of British materials and this is not likely to change.

However, my interest and passion has shifted slightly which means I will now be hand making a different type of product or products as time goes by and my collections grow.

I have become tired of repairing cheap and poorly made leather work which seems to have become more and more available as these items snap and break very easily but the time it takes to repair such items are costly to both saddler and customer.

I intend to be much more particular as to what leather items I will be repairing in future as I have so much more to give to the world of leather.

So, if you have any saddlery that requires repairing then it is best you contact me directly beforehand.

As I make room in my studio for new leather and new products, I have decided to sell the remaining stock I have.

Some of my training and assessment pieces will also be sold with the proceeds being reinvested back into the business.

For the whole of January I have activated a discontinued stock sale with some items having up to a massive 75% discount taken off the RRP.

After sorting out various items for sale, I have listed them below for you, if you wish to make a small gift purchase. If not, a share on social media would be very much appreciated.

Leather Moustache Keyring

Leather Bracelet

Mini Browband Keyring

Horse Head Keyring

Rolled Dog Collar

Plaited Dog Lead

Running Martingale

Athestone Girth

Traditional Cavesson Bridle

Plaited Neck Strap

All items are on sale until the 31st January 2020 and include FREE UK postage.

Grab yourself a bargain whilst you can.

Until next time, Clair xxx

If you would also like to follow my personal blog you can do so by clicking on the link here: Heels to Horses.

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