Recently I completed my first bespoke hand stitched shoulder bag.

It was fantastic to be able to make something specific to an individual’s requirements; the size, colour, personalisation, lining and even the fittings of the bag were all chosen by the customer.

Bespoke Design

Trading Skills

Josie from Gamble Designs and I met virtually via a Networking Mummies group on Facebook.

I was just starting out and had already launched my Lady Saddler page on Facebook in September 2016.

I wanted a logo for the business which not only could be transferred to my business stationery and social media but also have an embossed leather stamp created to stamp onto all the leather work I produced.

Josie was willing to trade her design service in return for my leather work skills in order to produce a shoulder bag she really wanted.

Lady Saddler logo WP Header

It was a win-win situation for both of us because we were able to showcase our skills to each other but also received something back in return without breaking the bank.

This is the logo Josie and I came up with…

Shoulder Bag Progress Pictures

I have posted some progress pictures below for you to browse through which shows the bag forming at different levels:-

Please Note:   All pictures are copyright of ‘The Lady Saddler’.

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