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Stirrup Keyring – The Making Of A Best Seller

Stirrup Keyring – The Making Of A Best Seller
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“The Stirrup Keyring is one of the most successful accessories I have made to date”

Using British Materials

Using the best of British bridle leather, known in the industry as Sedgwick’s Leather, I traditionally cut and prepare the strips of leather by hand with my saddler tools, many of which are more than 50 years old.

After edging, staining and creasing the individual keyrings I punch a small 1/2″ crew hole and 1/2″ stitch marks.

This is in preparation for the lace of leather that will act as the stirrup leather to the stirrup iron.

The brass stirrup is traditionally made here in the UK in a foundry in Walsall, just 40 minutes from where The Lady Saddler is located, allowing the added advantage of being able to visit their showroom whenever I want.

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Next, I tack all the pieces together ready to be hand stitched.

Using a waxed linen thread I hand stitch each keyring individually using the saddle stitch technique.

Condition The Leather

Lastly, I condition the leather keyring using Sedgwick’s Leather Dressing Conditioner Balm and I buff up the brass stirrup with good old-fashioned Brasso.

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