Scarecrow Festival 2019

During the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of September I took the Lady Saddler stand to the Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival 2019.

Staying Over

I was advised it was going to be a busy weekend so I arranged to stay overnight with the family in our caravan, rather than rush home.

Glad I did now because it meant Saturday evening wasn’t such a busy one, having to pack up, get home, have tea and then get up early to do it all again on the Sunday. Instead we had a chilled out evening and a lazy morning.

The Weather

Glorious day at the scarecrow festival

Saturday was by far the busiest day of the two as we had the most glorious sunshine any event could wish for.

Sunday at the Scarecrow Festival

Sunday, however, was a different kettle of fish and pretty much rained most of the day but we didn’t let it dampened our spirits and still had a good day.

Displaying at Belbroughton

Meeting New People

I enjoy doing these events because I can personally speak to people I don’t normally see.

Repair Service

The amount of times people approached me for repair enquiries far outweighed any bespoke enquiries this weekend.

It was also great to hear feedback such as ‘nice to see a traditional saddler still going’ even though I’ve only personally been ‘going’ for 3 years and training for 5 of them.

If you didn’t see me at this years’ Scarecrow Festival 2019, then sorry I missed you, but if you did and we chatted then great to see you! 🙂

Christmas Events

I am doing a couple of Christmas events in November if you would like to see which ones, then [click here].

Until then, take care. Clair x

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