Bespoke Saddle Flap Bag


A bespoke saddle flap bag can be achieved by using an existing saddle you own or alternatively an original saddle can be obtained for you.

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The saddle flap bag is a unique custom-made bag that is created from the individual flaps of a saddle, be that a saddle you supply or a one we can source for you.

Have you recently lost your horse?

Have you grown out of your favourite pony?

Do you have a saddle that is too precious to sell or give away?

If so, then consider a timeless bespoke creation made from the saddle flaps to create an everlasting memory bag.

Forever will you remember your four-legged friend and you will have a useful fashion accessory that will last a lifetime.

Saddle Flap Bag

Saddle Sourced For You, Using Own Saddle


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