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My Top 5 Valentines Gift Ideas

My Top 5 Valentines Gift Ideas
Valentines Gifts

In just over two weeks, some of us (including me), will be waiting in anticipation for a valentines gift off our loved one, or anyone if you’re not fussy lol 🤣🙈.

I thought I’d share my five favourite items I would like, not particularly for Valentines but any time (Lyndon!? hint, hint!)

You may find some of these ideas appealing if so, feel free to share this post.

The Lady Saddler

OK, so this is a shameless plug of my own business but why not? I genuinely love what I have created here.

The new colour, London Tan is divine and I love to pair it with my blue jeans and the mustard jumper I got for Christmas.

Why wouldn’t I want to share it with you?!

London Tan Stirrup Collection

The Stirrup Collection is currently made up of a unique 3/4″ width leather belt with a stirrup iron as a buckle and a 5″ leather keyring embellished with a stirrup iron.

Available in four different colours and a choice of two types of metalwork. You can buy them either individually or together in a gift set.

Personalisation is key to a gift like this and is available on both the keyring and the belt.

Horseshoe Hearts

I already have a single horseshoe heart with The Lady Saddler stamped into it and I absolutely love it.

However, if I wanted something different, I would definitely order one of these Love and Luck Mounted Keepsakes using Olly’s shoes.

Although I’m not sure if you would be able to purchase one of these, two weeks before Valentine’s day, their gift vouchers are a great alternative.

Sarah Fleming Jeweller

I’ve been following Sarah for quite a while now on Instagram and absolutely love what she does.

Her horse necklace is a real statement piece but I personally prefer the Stirrup Ring.

Stirrup Ring

I’ve not seen anyone else make one like this.

I also note from her Instagram account that she can set a stone on the stirrup too, which would look amazing, especially if it’s a birthstone.

Emily Cole Illustration

If you’re anything like me, on a quiet evening, you sit down and start scrolling through Facebook.

It doesn’t take long for me to come across an illustration done by Emily Cole. All of them are hilariously funny and represent just about 99.9% of a horse and owner’s experience.

If you want to know what it’s like owning a horse then take a look at these illustrations, you will get an idea fairly quickly what you would be letting yourself into.

I personally love this one as my Olly is all about his stomach, although it would have to be a turnip on the end of the string not a banana. lol

If I commissioned Emily to draw one of me and Olly, it would have to be us bunny hopping across a stubble field which is how I remember our first ever fun ride together.

If you choose to go to her website you will find a wide range of gifts and homeware items just waiting for you to snap up.

Have fun choosing!


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Olympia Horse Show in London last year.

Whilst we were browsing around the shopping stands I came across a the Welligogs stand.

OMG, they have some beautifully tailored jackets.

I was spoilt for choice but this wax jacket, in particular, caught my eye.

I just love the check detail and the way it falls and the fact that it is so practical being a wax jacket as well as fashionable.

No Commitment

So there you have it, my five top valentines gift ideas.

I think I need to add that all these companies and items I refer to are my personal favourites for gift ideas purely because I love them most of all.

I am in no way linked to any of these companies.

OK, so maybe I do own The Lady Saddler but other than that I am in no way linked or given any form of payment, gift or discount by these companies.

I simply love the items myself and if by sharing them means someone else can also appreciate them, then so be it.

If you have a personal favourite, I’d love to hear about it.

Tell me what it is and where it’s from in the comments section below and I will go and investigate. I have a mothers day, birthday and Christmas list to fulfil, you know lol.

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