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London Tan To Be Discontinued

London Tan To Be Discontinued

Its been five years since I first created the Stirrup Keyring and with it came one of the first colour choices – London Tan.

London Tan is one of the oldest colours of leather available. Used traditionally for saddlery in the 19th Century, particularly for driving reins, it was seen as the best quality of leather.

Traditional Use

The London Tan would show up any imperfections in the leather easily and therefore if you had London Tan saddlery it was seen as the best quality leather.

The dyes used to darken leather would hide imperfections and so black and brown leather was seen as not such good quality. How times have changed, Huh!

Today, London Tan is rarely used, unless specifically requested, or a Saddler is feeling brave to enter a competition piece in such a colour, but anyone who has a London Tan piece of leather will find, over time, that it ages into a beautiful tan colour.  


I have made some belts and keyrings in this colour over the years, but now the time has come to finally discontinue this colour choice.

Why? Well there are two reasons for this really…

1) it’s not cost effective to buy a hide of leather in this colour unless you know its going to be all used up, and

2) the lack of interest in this colour for any sort of leatherwork means it’s pointless having the leather sat on the shelf, just in case I have an order.

Recently, I was very lucky to sell the remaining hide I had to a fellow Saddler, which has incidentally has left me with no more to use.

A London Tan Stirrup Belt with a Nickel Buckle and a Stirrup Keyring with Brass Fittings.

Once They Are Gone, They Are Gone!

However, as with all my stirrup keyrings, I had cut some out in readiness to make them into a keyring, but only THREE are left now and this is your opportunity to get one at HALF PRICE.

I can make them up with either a brass or nickel stirrup iron and even personalise it with up to three initials FREE of charge.

All you need to do is click the button below to place your order.

Clair ❤️🤍💙

London Tan Stirrup Belt (0.75″ wide) *Seconds Sale*


This item is part of the sample and seconds sale, which some items have up to 50% off.

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