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Leather Repair Service

Leather Repair Service
Leather Repairs

If you follow me on social media, you will have noticed a leather repair advert, like the one above, has been posted out each month, since the New Year.

It’s just one way of reminding people that I carry out repair work without giving the hard sell.

The main sort of repairs are usually as follows:

  • Bridle headpieces, loop replacement, cheeks reduced, flash loop removed.
  • Saddle stitching redone, girth straps replaced.
  • Headcollar buckles replaced, restitched chapes.
  • Girth stitching replaced
  • Boots (Horse and Human) – replacement of zips or straps.
  • Bag straps replaced, lining removed and replaced and a complete refurbishment
  • Belts shortened, buckles changed, replaced stitching

Leather Repair Gallery

This list is not the only thing I repair, I have also repaired car seats and a leather jacket.

There is nothing that I won’t have a go at, as long as it comes to me in a clean state and not covered in thick mud.


Prices vary from job to job but as a general idea, the minimum cost I charge is £10.00 – £20.00 per hour depending on the item.

Contact Me

If you have an item that you wish to have repaired then drop me a message here or call The Lady Saddler on 07717 393932 for a quote.

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