Kinver Tack Sale

A couple of years ago I started a monthly equine tack sale in my local village school in Kinver, it was an instant success.

Since then I have changed the venue, set the dates in advance and only do certain months; it’s sure been a learning curve!

Check out the 2018 / 2019 dates for the Kinver Tack Sale HERE!

When I Was Young

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up second hand tack sales were few and far between.

We would have to scour the local newspaper for-sale ads for any riding gear or equestrian items you needed.

Nowadays it has becom more common for people to buy from eBay, Gumtree, Spock and even for sale or auction groups on Facebook.

However, physical tack sales are also becoming more and more popular too. Why do you think that is?


I believe tack sales are becoming much more common now because people crave face to face interaction.

We spend so much of our time IN our phones that normal face-to-face conversation is a rariety.

I believe people want to ask real-time questions about an item.

They want to feel it and know the story behind it and in my case with the leather work, they want to smell it.

You just can’t beat the smell of real British Sedgwick leather. 🙂

Not Just For Second-hand Items

Arranging these tack sales has also made me realise that its not just second-hand tack and riding clothes that are being sold at these events.

Quite often you can see equine-themed craft stands, handmade horse treats and/or like me, small businesses.

This is exactly why I organise the tack sales as it acts as a base for me to advertise my repair and bespoke leather work services.

So, getting back to the subject in hand; my equine tack sale…

Kinver’s Equine Tack Sale

I have arranged with the Church Hall Warden that I have the hall every first Thursday of the month between February to May and September to December.

This year, however, I’ve had to push back a week in May because the Hall is being used for national Government voting.

So, if you are interested in attending either as a Buyer or Seller then it is at St Peters Church Hall in Kinver on the first Thursday of the month (except May 2019) between 7.00-9.00pm.

(Buyers setup at 7.00pm and Sellers are allowed in from 7.30pm)

If you want a table at the tack sales, they are £10.00 each and bookable in advance. Message me here directly to book.

Leather Repairs

If you have any repairs that you want me to look at, then feel free to bring them to me during the tack sale.

I won’t be able to physically do the repair there and then, but I certainly can give you a quote and take it home if you agree.

Just remember that payment for ALL repairs is to be made before the repair is done and not afterwards.


Hot and cold refreshments are always available on the night, from as little as 50p.

Nothing beats a drink and a piece of cake, after you have spent your money, before going home.

Facebook Group

I have set up a group on Facebook, called the Equine Table Top Tack Sales – Kinver to give people, who are interested in the sales, a platform to join, communicate and share the events on their own Facebook newsfeeds.

Have you joined it yet?

Email List

I also have an email list of people who have subscribed to it that are interested in the events or have attended them in the past.

I generally keep everyone up-to-date with dates and any changes such as roadblocks on route to the venue or anything else that I think needs to be told.

It works for me as a form of communication and it seems to be appreciated by those who are subscribed.

Have you subscribed to the email list? If not, then feel free to do so below:

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