Last week I was asked to make a bespoke dog collar by Alison, a family friend.

New Puppy

She and her partner recently adopted an adorable St Bernard puppy called George.

Hi, my name is George.

The problem with George is that he is growing at a phenomenal rate and has already outgrown the largest shop-bought dog collar Alison could find.

The Dog Collar

So, I was tasked to make a 30″ collar (yes I really did say 30 inches) with brass metalwork.

At first, I had to ask Alison again to double check that the size of the collar she wanted was correct because my inside leg is 30″ and it just seemed too big!

‘OMG! He’s Huge!!!’

Alison reassured me that George was HUGE and although he’s still a baby they have estimated his neck to grow to around 30″ by the time he’s fully grown.

I normally make belts to 30″ so this was definitely a first for me, for a collar, but I certainly hope not the last.

The Finished Item

Hope you enjoy looking at the following pictures with George wearing his collar and the finished item.

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