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A Cartridge Bag & Gun Belt Repair

A Cartridge Bag & Gun Belt Repair

Following the end of shooting season, I had a gun belt and cartridge bag sent in for repair.

The Gun Belt

The stitching on the belt had come loose and was a relatively easy repair.

The Cartridge Bag

However, the cartridge bag was somewhat more difficult.

The buckle chape at the front of the bag had broken.

This meant the buckle was lost and the stitching to the buckle chape had come loose.

The side buckle chapes which holds the shoulder strap had also broken.

One part of the chape was missing but somehow the buckle had been saved.

I then created the part of the chape missing and stitched in the existing buckle.

Making Templates

Something I do often when I get leather items in for repair is to make templates.

You never quite know when someone might ask you for a new version of an item.

I already have the patterns for the cartridge bag, which my trainer provided but I hadn’t got a belt pattern.

So, whilst it was in my possession, I took the measurements of the cartridge belt.

I have some trade stands booked soon so I will make an example of a gun belt for buyers to see.

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