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A Bespoke Headcollar For Jasper

A Bespoke Headcollar For Jasper

On Saturday 3rd August 2019, at Tenbury Countryside Show, I measured a sweet bay pony called Jasper, for a new bespoke headcollar.

Bespoke Made

The made to measure headcollar was going to be part of a birthday gift for Jasper’s little rider.

Not like the cheap rubbish you get online”

In addition, Jasper’s owner requested the black leather headcollar to have black stitching and brass fittings, including a nameplate. All of which had to be of the best quality and not like the ‘cheap rubbish you get online these days’ (customer’s words not mine 🙂 lol)

So, I measured Jasper up for his new headcollar; what a sweet boy he was.

Making The Headcollar

To make the bespoke headcollar I had to cut a couple of straps of the finest British Sedgwick bridle leather in black and prepare them ready for the individual sections of the headcollar.

Pieces of a headcollar

These being the headpiece, cheeks, buckle chape, noseband, jowels, back stay and throatlash.


I asked a fellow Saddler, to make the brass nameplate up for me, which I am sure you will agree is a wonderful addition to the headcollar.

Engraved Nameplate for Jasper

Finally, once all the pieces were prepared and ready, I hand-stitched them to their relevant metal fittings. I then stamped the business logo onto the headpiece.

A Final Polish

I gave the fittings a final polish using Brasso and then treated the leather with some Sedgwick Leather Conditioner before packaging it up and sending to the customer.

Here’s is a couple of pictures of Jasper in the headcollar. I think he looks a handsome chap, what do you think?

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