Since the Coronavirus pandemic took hold and effectively locked us away in our homes, online shopping has become the new norm. Here are 5 reasons why the Saddle Keyring is so popular.

Amidst the uncertain future we presently face, I have had to rethink my business plan.

For me, the potential to earn some income is better than none at all.

As a consequence, I decided to craft a product that is both fun to make and unique in its own right. Making sure it is affordable to a whole new group of potential customers was another reason for designing this product.

Five years ago, when I started training to become a Saddler, I made a small saddle keyring. I absolutely adore it and still have it on my car keys today.

However, as I am very aware of copyright, I didn’t want to ‘copy’ the same design. So, I carried out some research and sketched a few possibilities.

1) Designs To Suit All.

The first reason why the saddle keyring is so popular is having such a variety of different style of saddle’s to choose from. If the style isn’t available yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. You just have to ask.

The GP Saddle

Once I’d sketched a few designs, I made a couple in leather and then decided upon the General Purpose (GP) Saddle shape which you see today.

GP Saddle

The GP Saddle keyring was a huge success. People asked me to create other styles of saddles.

The Dressage Saddle

The dressage saddle with its elongated saddle flaps and a deeper seat is unmistakeable to the keen dressage enthusiast’s eye. Another great saddle shape for a keyring.

Dressage Saddle Keyring

The Western Saddle

A slightly harder design for me to get my head around was that of a western saddle style. A saddle I’m not very familiar with.

Western Saddle Keyring

Nevertheless, the customer was very pleased with her keyring, so I’ll take that as a win.

The Race Saddle

Finally, the most recent saddle keyring I created was that of a horse-racing saddle.

I loved making this one up as it reminded me of my late horse, whom I used to own. He was a racehorse up until he was 4yrs old.

Race Saddle

2. Handmade

The second reason why the saddle keyring is so popular is that each saddle keyring is hand-cut from the best of British russet leather.

Often cut in batches of 10, it makes the time to make them more efficient. Plus, I get to keep a small selection in stock for website sales.

Each individual saddle is carved and tooled by hand too. Making each one unique in its own right.

3) Choice of Stain

The third reason why the saddle keyring is so popular is the vast range of coloured stains available to choose from. This helps you to make each keyring individual in its own right.

Saddles invariable come in black or dark Havana (Brown). Sometimes you will see a tan or a duo coloured one. This is why I decided to offer these colours as a matter of standard choice.

Saddle stains

However, if you wanted a bright blue or pink coloured saddle, I will most certainly do my very best to oblige.

4) Personalisation

The fourth reason why the saddle keyring is so popular is because you are able to personalise them, making them bespoke just to you.

Each one has enough space on them to have up to three initials stamped onto it.

This can be a person’s initials, the initials of their horse’s name, or a number to represent a birthday milestone even.

Personalised Saddle Keyring

Whatever you decide it is a a great gift for a mom, daughter, sister, aunt or best friend.

5. Affordable

The final reason why the saddle keyring is so popular is the price.

At £12.50 each, these miniature saddle keyrings are perfectly priced. Purchase them for your horsey friend or loved one this year, for their birthday or Christmas gift.

In addition, there is FREE POSTAGE to all UK addresses.

If you haven’t yet brought yourself a saddle keyring, then click on the image below to be forwarded to them in our shop.

Buy Your Saddle Keying Now

Additional Features

Each keyring comes attached to a split ring with a small clip. This enables you to easily attach the keyring to your keys. Then clip it to a belt loop, a bag handle or even a saddle D-ring (whilst out riding).

A Lady Saddler brand stamp is embossed onto the reverse side of the keyring, so you will always know where you bought it from.

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